Question On New Growth?

So far I'm 3 months into my transition and my new growth is pretty small and tightly coiled.I want to know if the coils will stay small as it grows out or does the coils change and get bigger and a little looser while it grows?Also, does everyone's hair start out in small coils while they're transitioning?

1 Answer

It may, it may not. It may get looser with the weight of itself, but it is also already being weighed down by the relaxed ends of your hair so it's possible it might get even tighter when you finally end up cutting off all the relaxed hair. Not everyone starts out with small coils. Some people (with looser textures) barely notice the texture difference if their hair is pulled back; some seem to have big to small waves going throughout their hair;other people get small coils; and some people don't see a specific curl or coil, just kind of a "cloud" of thicker and/or more dense hair.