Reading, Experimenting and Asking. need guidance on how to deal with build up and other issues

Learning a lot and discovering so much about my own hair the past few months, so far I've learned my hair is 3A/3B (+B) extra low porosity, pretty dense, medium/coarse width, Long hair (waist length ) and Naturally Blonde . I have discovered all the wrong thing I used to do like shampooing daily with "bad" shampoos and "bad" conditioners, using way to much silicone not using any other kind of conditioner, wrong towels and many many other stuff I was doing wrong , so I stopped using shampoo got a good conditioner and a leave in conditioner, change my towel, and started experimenting. The problem I am facing now is EXTREME build up, and an incredibly annoying itchy scalp I will confess because of this I never really quit shampoo I just did it once a week but I feel the need to do it more often. I just found a product I LOVE, that works wonders on my hair (Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream) the problem is it has Dimethicone so some of my questions are, how can I reduce build up? What can I do to help my hair absorb more moisture? , what kind of shampoo should I buy to get rid of the silicone without damaging my hair? I also live in a extremely humid country What should I look for that works for humid weather?On another note it's been over 2 years maybe even 3 since the last time I dyed my hair and I am planing on dyeing it really soon what can I start doing now before I dye it to help prevent some damage?

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