Will Regular Blowouts give me heat damage?

Hi,So I am almost a year into my transition and I am at the point where I cant deal with having to textures in my hair. I think am getting box braids soon but in the mean time I am wondering if it is okay it I give my self blow outs will I have heat damage when I big chop? I plan to o a blow out every week? Maybe every two weeks?  I moisturize my hair well and I deep condition every week. 

3 Answers

YOU SHOULD NEVER STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR!!! i've seen hair get completely destroyed in just 1 blowout! you can look at my instagram and see how many girls i've trimmed that had their hair ruined by straightening it. there's no healthy way to straighten curly hair. if you like your curls then embrace them and treat them with proper care. my blog is really helpful with this. ShaiAmiel.tumblr.com
Yeah a blowout will definitely give you heat damage. It won't help your curls at all, and it will most likely just make it more difficult for you later on.
Once a week is definitely way to much for your natural curls to handle. special occasions sureee , but dont get one if you really dont have to. they're other ways to style hair to keep it interesting and to give your face a different look . Embrace your natural curls , and experiment on different hair products and natural gels .