restarting CG method- don't know if I've got this right...

So, I started CG but I've been unknowingly slathering cones into my hair :( [Naked Bounce Curls Conditioner] 

Now I have used a sulphate containing shampoo (Johnson's Baby Shampoo) and a silicone free conditioner (Body Shop's Rainforest Moisture). I assume this has taken all existing cones out of my hair.

These are the following products that I plan to use in my hair when starting the CG method:

1) Garnier Ultimate Blends- The Sleek Restorer

2) Garnier Ultimate Blends- The Silky Conditioner

[These two are my co-washes, so I use them as I would use a shampoo]

3) Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Restorative Treatment Conditioner (from Holland and Barrett) as a deep conditioner 

4) Body Shop Rainforest Moisture hair butter as a leave in conditioner

5) A'Kin Leave In Conditioner 

6) Boots Curl Creme (Pink Jar)

I've checked ingredients and they are all cone free. 

My understanding is this: you use a light conditioner as you would use a shampoo, rub it into hair/scalp to get rid of grease. Then, you use a heavier/creamier conditioner to condition, leave it in the hair for 5/10 minutes then wash it out. Then comb with a wide tooth comb & apply products, then plop dry.

Have I got this right?

Thank you xx

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Good morning QueenNaomi,

We are currently in the process of writing a CG article so I will update you with the link once it is published!



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