My roots twirl together and twist up intobig spiral curls

I am currently transitioning and almost have all of my perm grown out (15% of perm left). My new growth is coming in as 4b/4c. My roots twist together and are big spiral curls immediately after washing or getting it wet,it then becomes hard to detangle and there is major shrinkage. After untwisting it's fine but is this a good or bad thing that should occur,in other words HELPPP!!!!

1 Answer

This sounds very normal, Tiara.Kirkla. That is just the nature of very curly/coily hair :) Just be sure to detangle properly while it's still wet with a slippery conditioner in it, which it sounds like you already do. To reduce the tangling and shrinkage, you can actually wash your hair in a few large braids (YouTube it for a tutorial :) OR you an wash in sections if you don't already (at least 4 sections) separated by clips or hair ties or braids that you take out one at a time. When you finish each section, tie, clip or braid it back up and move on to the next. You may like this method for when you are completely natural as it can help reduce tangling. You should also hold the ends of the hair pull down/out gently, but firmly with one hand while you massage the cleanser into your scalp with the other. This also reduces tangling. To reduce shrinkage as your hair dries you can moisturize your hair in the same sections, section by section, then you can braid, cornrow or put your hair into buns help stretch the roots. You can leave those in until your hair dries or you could leave it until you are ready to blow dry or style your hair. All of that will depend on how you like to style your transitioning hair :)I hope that helps!