Severe (Or Maybe I'm Just Dramatic) Heat Damage ?!

So  I got a little bit of heat damage. I decided I wanted to straighten my hair just to see how far I've come along (not impressed with myself at all) and I got heat damage and don't necessarily understand how. I have a feeling that maybe what I thought was "natural" hair , was maybe permed hair all along that maybe just began to blend in and I thought it was natural . Now I'm at a point where I kind of want to crawl in a hole and die because my hair is my true love and I've damaged it beyond repair and just don't know what to do  :( By The Way That Picture Is Hideous Which Lets You Know How Serious I Am For Help .

1 Answer

As far as I've seen, I can't tell a real difference between severely heat damaged hair and relaxed hair. Uhhh, this is the way I would guess which it was though: 1. Is the damage on both sides of your head and, if not, is your hair the same stretched length on both side? If it's only on the one side and they are the same length, then I'd guess it was heat damage.2. Did you notice any damage before? Based on your hair type and the heat damage, it seems like it would've been difficult for that hair to have blended in all this time. You probably would've suspected or noticed something a little off if you attempted a wash and go or just when you washed your hair. (It is possible that maybe you had underprocessed hair that might have blended in and then got heat damaged).3. Do you remember what your relaxed hair looked like wet? Was it bone straight? Noticeably kind of under processed? Does this look like that?** Side note: The hair does seem like it's almost trying to curl at the end, which would lead me to believe that it's probably heat damaged.Just applying heat to your hair is technically enough to heat damage, so it might have just been from straightening it that got heat damaged. Did you use a heat protectant? If not, that definitely might have been the culprit. Was your hair wet? Some people sight that your hair shouldn't be straightened while  overly wet since the heat makes the water boil and damage the hair more. Did you apply an oil beforehand? Some people say that this shouldn't be done as the heat boils the oil, frying the hair and causing more damage (though I pretty exclusively have only straightened after the LOC - using either butters or oils - and I have yet to get any related damage). I would suggest trying protein treatments before anything else to see if you can "repair" your hair, but the straightening that occurs seems to lean toward more severe damaging. In which case, the only answer is to get those scissors out and cut off the strands. Don't be distressed! Your hair will keep growing.... just maybe don't straighten it for quite some while.