Shampooing brings out my curls, but conditioner kills them

My hair is in the middle of 3b and 3c.I have heat damage all along the front of my head (of course its the part ppl see) and its pretty bone straight because of it. But when I have shampoo in my hair it reverts back to its formerly curly state. As soon as I wash it out it goes back straight again. Its happens every time. Even when I scrunch it doesn't come back. With or without conditioner it doesn't come back. Whats happening? How do I keep those curls? I don't want to keep shampoo in my hair since I know shampoo isnt exactly the best thing for it, but I really want to keep those curls. Is there a secret product out there that can help me? Has anyone had this before?

4 Answers

Do you use a styling product? I wonder if a styling gel would help your curls. 
dose the conditioner have silicones in it? That can hurt a curl pattern. Just try different conditioners I don't have your hair type so I can't recommend any products but trial and error is how I found what works for me
Honestly the best thing for my curls was when I stepped away from all the heat styling, threw out the sulfates, the silicones and my brush. It's so much easier to take care of my hair now and my curls have never been more defined and frizz free. You might have to grow out your hair from the damaged parts for your curls to fully return but it will be worth it! :)
The conditioner is probably too heavy for your hair texture. Try using one for volume or thin hair and see how that works out.