Silicone and Protein free Conditioners. EXTREMELY protein sensitive!!!!!

Hello curly ladies, I'm looking for a rinse out conditioner and deep conditioner that is silicone free (CG approved) and  protein free. I am very, very, very protein sensitive. My hair can't handle any proteins or protein simulating ingredients such as coconut oil (my hair hates that stuff...) At this point I have seen recommendations for Giovanni conditioners, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle rose, and the Trader Joe's refresh line. If you had any other suggestions or want to give your vote to which would work best I would highly appreciate it. I'm transitioning and want to have the most moisture put into my hair. Oh also I believe that I have low porosity hair.

3 Answers

Here are protein-free conditioners:10 Deep Conditioners for the Protein Sensitive Hair
Thank you for the suggestions! I currently use Mixed Chicks DC but saw that it contains amodimethicone. I'm a little conserned about continuing to use it.
This natural condish (rinse out) is creamy, and I got for 6.99 (32 oz.) at Nordstrom