My sister is negative of my hair Ive been tansitioning to go natural 10 months ago

she says it's ugly.  My mom is trying to make me relax my hair by telling me my sisters hair is beautiful and my cousins with relaxed hair have beautoful hair. They are trying to make me feel ugly about my hair and if i say anyhting back to defend my hair I have problems . now my sister is saying "your forehead though" and "ew why is your hair coming out in spirals." "Doesnt look good natural should be relaxed." What should i do? because im about done with hearing then talk about my hair. 

2 Answers

I'm sorry your mom and sister are being so negative towards you. You should sit them down and let them know how their comments are making you feel. Ask for their support instead. At first I didn't get any support from my mom, she kept pushing me to relax and now she big chopped before I could even finish my transition. Funny how things work out that way. Just remember that you're going on this journey for yourself and no one else. Try not to let any negative comments get to you because most of those comments are coming from a place of ignorance. Also, you'll always find support in the natural hair community. Hope this helps :)
Don't worry, it's the same with my mom, though I've convinced both of my sisters to go natural.  My mother is just stubborn and set in her ways.  My mother's hair is dandruffy and breaking because of the relaxers but she still won't go natural and says she doesn't like how mine looks.  But she's getting older and she'll realize eventually that all that damage is going to make her bald in her old age.  Just stick to your guns.  You'll be the one in the right in the end.