Someone please help me with my 3B hair!

It's been a long year since I've gotten a brazillianblowout or even using a straightener which totally damaged my hair causing maximum breakage and my curls to disappear. A lot of jars of coconut oil and a year later my curls are back but they're not as soft as the used to be. What am I doing wrong? I use coconut oil everyday before I take a shower and I use sulfate free shampoo and natural conditioner, I air dry my curls and they still are very frizzy and not soft. I need a 3B guru ASAP :( 

2 Answers

Sorry to tell you but there isn't much to do but cut it off and start over.
I  did this to my hair too i know how you feel but the best thing is to cut the ends dont chop it all at once use mayo as deep condition and shea moisture re constructive line or the new line to moisture your hair. good luck