Is sore scalp normal when trasitioning? type 2b, low porosity, med width, high desisty

i recently started the curly girl method. its been 6 days. I am using the Shea Moisture product line. and co washing with suave naturals. Monday I did my first deep treatment mask. Tuesday my scalp itched and kinda tender. I did a cowash put my products in and put it up in a bun to sleep in. today my scalp is very sore only at the crown and is also very oily. there is also heat coming from the area like it is very irritated. is this normal and what should I do? is the shea moisture line too heavy for my hair type?

1 Answer

Hi HappyAshley, It sounds like your hair products are too heavy for your scalp. SheaMoisture, while great, is very thick and heavy for wavy hair. Also, if you're doing a cowash AND a deep treatment that is way too much moisture going onto your head. Your scalp is most likely itching from all the oil and buildup. Clarify using a sulfate-shampoo and then start fresh. Also, remember that if you're only 6 days into the CG method, your scalp is still adjusting. You will experience itchy, greasy scalp while you're transitioning to CG products. While you are switching to CG, less is more. Use a co-wash and use a light gel. That's it! No leave ins, no deep treatments, no oils. Wait until your scalp has fully transitioned and is used to your new products before you add all the heavy stuff. It might take a while before your scalp has adjusted. Just be patient and you'll start to see results.