How to get started on my curly hair journey?

Hi there! I'm 15 years old and I used to have natural curly hair until I started going to the beauty salon. I have never permed my hair, it's just messed up from the flat iron!! Starting for my New Year's resolution, I'm going to go back natural. There's only a couple of problems...1) I don't know my hair type, 2) I have heat damaged hair and I don't want to cut it, and 3) I don't know how to transition back to curly hair!! I don't know what products, tools, or anything to do! If you can help, thank you so much!!

1 Answer

Warning: this will be a long answer :P Once you've passed first step and set your mind to go natural, it's very easy as soon as you get into the routine. You can basically learn everything you need on this website. The second step is to find the curl pattern, compare your hair to the descriptions here: not trust the pictures on the front, they aren't that precise. From there you find tips to what kinds of products to use. Please note that they are only tips, finding the perfect product takes time and probably some money ;)Step 3 is going to the article section and find articles about the CG Method (CurlyGirl) there you will find the basic steps of being natural curly-head, like drying with a towel, wide tooth comb, pineapple and plopping :) Also check out some articles about ingredients in products, you want to avoid Sulfates in shampoos and Silicone in conditioners! Youtube is also a good way to go.If it all seems chaotic, wiki-how does pretty well too: Concerning your heat damaged hair, you can try to leave it and maybe it heals during CG, but if you feel like it doesn't, a trim might be a good way to start.Really, it's all about finding out what works for YOU, and if it's not what everyone else thinks or does? then that's how it's gonna be <33  i hope it works out for you, good luck!