How to stop my hair from feeling so dry and brittle?

I have been transitioning for 1 year and 8 months and recently my hair has started feeling REALLY dry and brittle, especially at the relaxed part. My hair used to be super soft, sometimes too soft but now it's dry even after I use a deep conditioner. I'm starting to have some breakage and I want to know how to stop this? This has not happened before....

1 Answer

How often are you shampooing? Sulfates and over-shamppoing can really dry out your hair. Are you trimming? Dead ends won't retain moisture the way healthy hair will. What products are you using? This REALLY matters. Also is your fine or thick? What's its porosity? Take the test--- info on that here: What Is My Hair Porosity? Are you drinking enough water? How are you sleeping?  So many reasons your hair could be dry especially while transitioning. Figure those things out and see what you might need to change. Here's a good read: How to Get the Softest Natural Hair... Ever