how to stop hair loss from relaxer.

I went to a hair salon a few times in September. I was impressed at how straight they got my hair. But I started to wonder why when it was humid my hair didn't get frizzy and how come when I would sweat my roots didn't get puffy. I know for a fact (they admitted it) the salon was mixing relaxer in the shampoo. So now my hair is falling out. When I comb it large amounts come out. I haven't run a comb through it in a weeek I just brush it up in a ball but when I take the ponytail holder off hunks of hair are attached to it. Help!  I have never had weave or braids so that's not an option for me...just not my style. I got a flexi rid set a few weeks ago and my hair is such an awkward length that didn't look right either.

1 Answer

One of the first things you can do is to give yourself a protein treatment to help give the hair strength and use products that contain a little bit of protein as well. With that said, if the hair is that badly damaged you will need to cut it off because the breaking chunks will only rip the new growth and cause even more damage.Get hair cut, if you are not comfortable with a bald head then get a short style. Braids on top of damaged hair is not a good thing, you will end up losing hair faster. A wig or weave would be better options but you would have to find a good stylist or you can try to do it yourself (see the attached video)