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3c-4a hair? Im not sure tbhOkay so i need help BAD Please!!Im a 16 year old in my sophomore year of highschool and have probably been straightening my hair for 4-5 years. We lived in North Carolina for 7 years and my mother recieved many different opinions and "professional" advice on what to do with my hair. The answer she got the most: straighten my hair. So because thats exactly what we did. I also have recieved many relaxers (maybe 3?) and now that im older and I appreciate and want my curly hair, its mostly dead and heat damaged. For about 4 months Ive been reading different articles, watching different videos and other things on curly hair and what to do to revive it. I keep hearing a lot of good things about the DevaCurl products and Shea Moisture Products which i think i will try some time this month or the next. But i know i dont want to do this "big chop" or just give in and straighten it for the rest of my life. No one around me understands why im doing this, not even my mom, and they all make me want to give in. But im going to stick it through. I just need to know if it's pointless or not. I think this summer im going to try and get a DevaCut also.Ive been using the Fructis shampoos and conditioners. Are these good? They dont seem to be doing anything but that could just be my impatience. Help please, its much appreciated. Thank u

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For heat damaged hair, you should make sure to try deep conditioners and some stronger protein treatments. If you don't see any progress with that, the damage may be irreparable :\ In which case, you'd have to either big chop or transition (so really only the one choice, since you don't want to big chop). Devacurl and Shea Moisture are prominent brands in the curly/coily/ wavy hair community, and, while they CAN help in some cases, I wouldn't put all my hope into an immediate turn around on damage. That being said, they do have some great products that can help to ease transitioning (I recommend the Shea Moisture JBCO line - so far, it's helped me reach 15 months pretty stress-free - and I would not recommend the Devacurl Heaven in Hair - Idk about it on completely natural hair, but I won it in a giveaway and I HATE it on my transitioning hair (I'll save it to try when natural)... just mentioning because it's expensive so....As for whether it's pointless or not.... I'm not sure you should consider anything that's important to you as pointless. In my opinion... you don't really need anyone else to get it because, ultimately, it doesn't really affect them in the long term. You'd be the one having to spend time to straighten your hair and putting chemicals on your head to relax it. Other then your mother... you really don't need to think about other people's feelings on the matter. Like, if it's your stylist ....well.... stylist can be replaced and it's kind of unprofessional to tell you not to do something just because they don't get it; if it's your friends, they're kind of shitty friends for judging you about something that's, ya know, a part of you... I mean, what if you told them that you didn't like or understand their hair so they should perm (like curly perm) it. Your mom.... I would just try to tell her that's it's something you'd really like to do for you and your life and that it would be nice if she could just support you, but, if not, at least maybe keep her opinions in her head.... yeah, respectfully of course.Garnier Fructis is okay..... as far as I know not alot of their stuff is sulfate free, which can be drying on the hair. I would opt out of the shampoo for something sulfate free (Shea moisture has a few good ones - some don't really lather so that may be a difference that some people don't like). Your conditioner can probably stay the same. As your hair grows longer, and you figure out the porosity, you may decide to switch to silicone free. Then you'd have to check your conditioner.