Any suggestions or advice on a daily regimen for a short tapered cut natural?

I transitioned my hair from perms & relaxers to its natural state about 3 years ago. At the time, I was applying a lot of heat to my hair (blow dry and flat iron) and causing a lot of heat damage. The results  led me to recently cut my hair from a shoulder length bob to a short tapered cut. Since my cut (about a month ago), I feel like I have been co-washing my hair every day. I no longer (and will not) apply heat to my hair, so I usually wear my 3b/3c hair natural. However, I don't think I am following the correct natural hair regimen. In other words, I don't think I should be co-washing my hair every day in order to keep my hair curly. I tried doing the twist and knots but it has been a total fail. Any advice and suggestions on natural hair style and regimen for tapered cuts would be gladly appreciated. Please help! I feel so lost. 

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