Not sure what my hair needs. Help?

So, let me outline my hair profile to you:Curl pattern- 3a or 3b[not sure, most of my hair there is thick coils] in my whole head except from the top of my head, where it's 2cPorosity- Medium, in the float test my strand sunk after 2-3 minutesDensity- Medium, BUT it got low on my frontline, cause i rub my hair when stressed Width- Fine. Always! ^_^Length- Medium. Normal growthExtras- Dyed with professional, ammonia-free hair color. Soft, even though i only use shampoo-conditionerQUESTION!!! What can i do for my damaged frontline? Is the big chop necessary? Is the LOC or the CG Methods necessary for soft hair like mine? Can i make my curl pattern equable? If yes, then how???

1 Answer

The CG method brings out your hairs best potential. So if the front of your hair isn't a different curl pattern (which is normal for many people including me) then you might see some more curl develop there. Because you have a higher porosity hair and it's color treated, I would recommend a deep condition with a Hask Keratin Protein pack and the CG method. Curls need moisture and color treated hair does too so a leave in (like Kinky Curly Knot Today) or curl cream (like Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Styling Lotion --pea sized amount) would probably be helpful. Your hair is fine so you have to play with how much of the products you use. Also a product that can "capture" your curls in front when they are curliest (which is probably when wet) will help like a light gel. Any crunchiness can be scrunched out. Kinky Curly Curling Custard or LA Looks Mega Mega gels are CG friendly options. Great curls! Enjoy.