Thinning Relaxed ends?

I'm currently about 11 months post-relaxer and I feel like my hair isnt growing as fast as everyone else. do you think I have a lot of new growth to be almost 1 year post reaxer? Also I think my relaxed ends are thinning out but im not ready to cut them off yet.  How can I stop it from thinning

1 Answer

Because of shrinkage, I think you hair is fine for 1 year post relaxer. Not only shrinkage but everyone's hair grows at different rates so as long as your grows, im pretty sure everything is gonna be alright. But your relaxed ends thinning is a different story. Soon they will break off / fall off because of the thinning. I don't know if you can stop the thinning. The best thing to do is to BC and cut those ends off ! If you don't like wear hair "short" you could get a textured hair clip or hair wig on so your hair wont look short. Good luck on your hair journey :)