Tips for my hair care regimen?

Hi, I'm just starting to get settled in with the CG method, and my current products aren't working out. I have 2b hair that doesn't start to wave until it hits my ears. Currently, I use Not Your Mother's Beach Babe line, which is silicone and sulfate-free, but my hair is poofy the next day and I have to keep it in a bun for another day until it settles down. I'm hoping to find the perfect products for my hair so I can get it to look like the CG pros! :) P.S. I shampoo my scalp twice a week because co-washing doesn't help me much. I get an itchy yellow gunk accumulating on my scalp. Any tips for this would be great too!

2 Answers

Hi Dawn97, If your hair is poofy, perhaps you are not styling your hair optimally. How do you distribute the product? Poofy hair is usually a result of a comb or brush breaking up the strands. Practice clumping your waves together by finger detangling in the shower and not brushing it out of the shower at all. Then dry your hair by scrunching it with a microfiber towel. The micro fiber part is important to prevent frizz. Apply product very gently by using prayer hands to sandwich your hair. Don't disrupt the curl pattern! Scrunch the product in and don't touch your hair until it dries. Hopefully that helps the poofiness. If it doesn't, it might be time to try a different product. You want a silicone free gel or cream that will give you enough hold and not let your hair poof. My favorite is DevaCurl light defining gel and DevaCurl styling cream. They are pricey but so worth it. Good luck!
I usually squeeze the water out of my hair after I shower and soak up the rest with a t-shirt. Then, I finger-comb product through my hair. How do I evenly distribute product without pulling apart the curls?