transitioned for a year so far , now I dont know what im doing

I'm 15 and have 3a , b ish curls and have been working hard to heal my hair after two years of straightening but if I want to get any further with making my hair look its best then I do need the help of proper curl targted products. However my mum doesnt understand my hair and in the past she has bought me a few low budget products (after I shamefully begged her)but they did not work very well with my hair except for one. She doesnt believe in spending lots of cash on beauty products and I agree. it seems like she doesnt seem to want me to learn by experimenting and I feel stifled. I also have problems with defining my curls and  dont know if it is possible to braid Caucasian(I think that means european?) hair, I have tried but they never work. Am I wrong and can they improve the way my hair looks?? this is kind of what my situation is like. any comments and advice will be gratefully recieved. 

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Hi there! Buying products with an expensive price tag doesn't mean it's better and vice versa cheap products aren't neccesarily worse. It's all about the ingredients. In fact they've recently posted an article about it, check it out here: helped for me and many others is the curly girl method, there's an article about it on this site but on many others as well.Ps: what kind of braids do you mean?