Transitioning 101: Help! Somebody? Anybody?

Hi everyone!I'm a 2c/3a with a few 3b. My hair's short to medium length (right above my shoulders). I recently decided to transition (like 2 weeks ago) after a lot of thinking and research. I've never chemically straightened my hair, however I would straighten my hair every other day my a flat iron or a blow dryer. Anyway, I've been struggling so there are a few things I still can't quite grasp about transitioning. Here it goes:1- How often should I wash my hair? (I have the No Poo by Devacurl. I've been washing and diffusing my hair every day because my second day "curls" are a disaster. I have a really oily scalp, but I've noticed some strands are drying out.) 2- Should I co-wash?3- How often should I cut my hair?4- How should I style my hair? (I once read it's not good for transitioning hair to be let down... but I'm not sure I want to have my hair up all the time.)5- How do deep condition without my hair getting to oily or being weighed down?6-Any encouraging testimonies for me to hold on to in this process?

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