Am transitioning but have eczema in my scalp, what products would you recommend? Thankyou

2 Answers

Hi I have 3c hair but your commet caught my attention because of the eczema (one of my sisters has it). The one of products I would reccomend would be caster oil; having the eczema makes your head really dry so putting on your scalp every time you do your hair works wonders. As for other products I recommend getting a good conditioner and then start experimenting products  as your hair grows. Hope this helps.PS I do reccomend finding someone with a hair type like yours and piggybacking on the products they use.
Also try shea moisture product; canto deep conditioner (as a leave in); lata body hair cream and conditioners; oil olive brand for conditioner ( its yellow but I can't think of what's the conditioner called.) For shampoo I recommend only washing the scalp, not the rest of the hair. Shea moisture is good for shampoo too. This is based on what products work for me and my sister/mom who are 4 a/b.