Transitioning & Hair Type?

I've been relaxing my hair since I was a kid and I'm in my teens now but I've realized that my hair breaks and sheds SO much when I wash and blow dry. I've heard form many sources that when you go natural, your hair breaks less because the harsh chemicals aren't present in your hair, weakening and breaking it down. My mom decided a few months ago that she wants to go natural and insists that I can't because according to her I have "straight negro hair" --as in really kinky and rough and thick and she insists that my hair won't look good-- in contrast to her half-Indian roots and 3B/C hair. The other day I went through my baby pictures and realized that my hair is nowhere near what she described it to be; it actually looks like it was really curly and fluffy. I just want to know the best way to transition (I already plan on braiding my hair soon and my hair grows a lot when it's in braids) and what my hair type could possibly be. From my baby pictures and the one attached, it looks like I'm somewhere in the 3 type range, maybe 3C.The picture is from a month or two after my last relaxer in August, so there isn't actually anything to judge from, but it's all I have.Thanks.

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