Transitioning hair,unable to wear braids (eczema) what protective style can anyone advise?Thankyou

2 Answers

Can you wear weaves and wigs? They can be done with human hair which may not aggravate your eczema. I used a lot of braidouts and twistouts to transition when my hair was longer. As it got shorter through clipping an inch here and there, I would do perm rod sets. Loved those! They look great, blend textures, allow for low manipulation, and can last for a week or more so they are perfect for the busier life style. 
I have not tried wigs or weaves with the human hair my scalp is so dry trying to get it under control, but I like the sound if the perm rods. Do you know a link where I can watch and educate myself in them?Thankyou so much!