Transitioning and have no idea what to do.

tips on transitioning heat damaged hair? My hair is straight in the front and at the top of my head then in the middle has very loose curls and at the bottom back of my hair I see my natural curls (very odd, I know). Began to go natural like 2 weeks ago and plan to go natural all summer - please give me advice on how to get my curly hair back w/out a big chop. Thanks!**provided a picture of my curly hair**

1 Answer

Twist-outs, knot-outs, braid-outs, rod/roller sets, etc. -- anything to create a uniform pattern. Also, protective styles (which can be as simple as a bun and as complex as extensions/braids) allow you to moisturize your hair a lot more and manipulate it less each day. I grew out a bob with heat damage from constant straightening, and I did a lot of pin curls, braid-outs, and Bantu knot-outs to create a uniform curl pattern. I also liked pulling my hair back and wearing fake ponytails. These days, if I don't want to wash and go, I like flexi-rods. The fake ponytails are still nice sometimes.