Transitioning and the line of demarcation

So, I stopped relaxing my "slightly more curly than 3B" hair about a year ago because of the severe damage, and it's been a slow process. It looks to have barely grown at all (it doesn't help that I blow dry it every once in a while which changes my new growth texture as well). I'm really concerned with the line of demarcation because every time I look in the mirror my relaxed ends seem to appear thinner and thinner due to breakage. I'm a White woman and finding tips on growing out my hair texture is often difficult. People often asked if I have mixed hair, but it's not! African American hair blogs are great and informative, but I find the information sometimes not useful for my hair texture.Does anyone have any tips to keep the line of demarcation moisturized but not too much that it breaks off from excess water??

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