Transitioning means that i have my hair relaxed?

I didn't use any hair relaxer (NEVER). But Mon used to take me to the Salon when i was a child and a few moths ago i used blower and flat iron.  Then... "I'm transitioning?" *I started to let my hair natural since last year. *If i made some mistakes with the grammar, i'm sorry. I would be easier for me in spanish, but you wouldn't understand :D xD. *The Pic it's old. 2012... But i don't like to take a 

2 Answers

Transitioning refers to the process where someone who was previously using chemical straighteners (perms, relaxers) to permanently straighten her hair, then stops using those treatments and allows her natural hair to grow in. 
No you do not have to have relaxed hair to transition. Transitioning is just the process of allowing your natural hair texture and pattern grow out from what isn't how your hair naturally grows. You can be transitioning from using heat on your hair, from heat damage, from color treating, from relaxers/perms, or just from using non-organic/non-natural products on your hair.Technically, no you are not transitioning and your hair is still natural. Just because you used heat on your hair that time, that does not mean your hair is no longer natural. :)