Transitioning means that i have my hair relaxed?

I didn't use any hair relaxer (NEVER). But Mom used to take me to the Salon when i was a child and a few moths ago i used blower and flat iron.  Then... "I'm transitioning?" *I started to let my hair natural since last year. *If i made some mistakes with the grammar, i'm sorry. I would be easier for me in spanish, but you wouldn't understand :D xD. *That pic its old! 

2 Answers

You are still transitioning from heat dmage to a more natural hair texture. I hadn't had a relaxer in over 14 years but I flat ironed for many years straight. I decided 7 months ago to wear it curly and never straighten again. I'm still transitioning from heat damage but I love my curls now.
.. but to answer your question from A method for returning to a natural hair texture from a chemically straightened one. Over a period of weeks or months, the ends of the hair will be cut away as the new growth appears. While the transitioning process will require the wearer to find various styles that work with both textures (the chemically processed and the natural), it's generally considered a less dramatic option in returning to natural hair than the "big chop."