Transitioning Questions ???

I'm still transitioning (3 months in) and I'm unsure if I just have fine 3c hair or thinning hair. My hair sheds the normal amount but every wash it feels lighter and lighter I'm unsure if that is a normal sign. Since I'm still transitioning I wear braid outs or braid outs with a twist out at the ends and my hair feels light and able to see through, on the first couple of days before it becomes an afro. I seem to not have as much volume that I hope. Even with straighten hair my hair still fills as light. Plus my shrinkage is all the way to my shoulders and my hair length is bra strap. Now transitioning, instead of my roots curling up first, the rest of my hair is becoming curly, while my roots remain puffy, but now I'm noticing them becoming to be like the rest of my hair, why is that? Sometimes every wash my curls are different, as well. Sometimes they are S- shaped or sometimes they form into corkscrews. Are these all positive or negative signs? (I have no damage btw(: ) Pictures below: Braid out/twist out, My straighten hair, My curls w/ no product, and my roots.)

2 Answers

It's hard to determine any specifics of transitioning hair because the relaxed ends will always weigh down and stretch the natural hair at the demarcation line. As for the thinning and lightness that may be from the relaxed end breaking off which may answer why you can see through the ends of your braid outs etc. When I transitioned I had the same issues and I ended up doing box braids during my entire transition. Your hair may be in a confused state because of the scab hair that is growing out from damaged follicles from years of relaxers. I wouldn't say these are negatives but if your hair is feeling lighter it probably is normal breakage from the sensitivity point of your hair.
basically it applies to post relaxed hair and   From having many years of improper relaxers and chemical damage on the scalp. The hair follicles get scared and have traces of the chemical residue. When the hair starts to grow out during transitioning or with the big chop, it will feel like Brillo pad and no matter how many times its washed, conditioned, and deep conditioned it doesn't curl. It's a hard mass or hair that has residue of the scalp and hair follicles healing itself.