washing hair, using leave in conditioner, but hair is frizzy, stiff, and lifeless. more moisture?

I'm transitioning to the Curly Girl method, and I have no idea what type of hair I have; I'm guessing it is somewhere in the 3b/3c area. I've been washing my hair with Suave Shampoo (curly approved), Suave Conditioner, Generic Conditioning Balm with a Tangle Teezer, and then just applying the "As I Am" Leave in Conditioner and braiding it up. My hair is so DRY though, and damaged, and nothing seems to be working. my mom doesn't really support the curly girl method in the first place, so I'm fighting a losing battle here of trying to take care of my hair. does anyone have ANY tips on finding products good for me, making my hair moist, making it shiny, making it NOT look like a frizzy dried fern display all over my head? I'm so disheartened and I don't know what to do. I don't even know my hair type. I really just want to do a Big Chop and slowly take care of my hair while it grows back, but my parents won't allow me to. Can anyone help me, please? i'm sorry that i can't upload any pictures of my hair but i will try later.

1 Answer

you should try an oil to slow down the moisture from leaving your hair