Is there a way I can get my edges to look the way the look when it's wet?

When I wash my face, some water gets on my edges and sideburns and they look so nice and laid and like little baby hairs or little curls. But then when it dries as well as my face dries, it goes back to just frizzy puffy pieces. I haven't used relaxer for more than a year and I'm transitioning. My edges have recently been straightened about a month ago but putting an oil moisturizer made it not straight anymore but puffy and frizzy.

2 Answers

Edge tamers.... they are like gels but don't have all the crackle. Careful though some of them flake up and that is horrid. Try Design Essentials. What I do is brush them while they are damp; apply the edge tamer and brush them again. 
One more thing... sleep with a satin scarf tied around your head. That should lay them down.