Week 3 of the curly girl method?

So I have been following the curly girl method for about 3 weeks now. I had to up my conditioner, so it would get rid of the frizz on top of my head, but I can't seem to get the curl definition everyone is talking about. My hair just seems to get flatter. How do you get your hair to get curlier? Here is my journey so far:https://thenorsegirl.wordpress.com

1 Answer

Hi sunleaves,With the issue of your hair falling flat this may be due to build up on your scalp. We wavies have to be careful with how much product we put directly on our head. I would try clarifying your scalp every so often to make sure that you're alleviating build up (here is my favorite clarifier). I also suggest that you try a lighter conditioner, I would suggest MopTop Daily Conditioner. The conditioner that you are currently using could be weighing down your waves.With the issue of frizz, have you tried a little bit of oil? This could help tame frizz as well as give you shine. I really like VERB Ghost Oil.Best of Luck!