Went natural like 2013-14, long story short hair is like 3b-3c but the front is like 4b, any fixes?

In 2009 or 2010 I spent the whole year straightening my hair and ruined it. I decided in 2011 that I wanted to finally go natural so my hair has been transitioning for about 3 to 4 years now and it's still a work in progress. For the first 2 years I completely eliminated heat, like entirely, the 3rd year I straightened a few times during the winter and this 4th year I've straightened literally once, maybe twice. My hair went from shoulder length straight to almost down to butt length curly. I haven't big chopped, I've had some hair cuts and I've grown out my bangs. The majority of my hair is a little more than 3b but less than 3c. There are still some areas that are curlier than others and one half of my head curls tighter than the other and I have some straight dead ends but overall everything is good except the front of my hair. It's curl patern is a mess and it makes it too hard for me to wear my hair down. So if you comb the front of my hair down its really long and for like the first 2 to 3 inches from the roots it's like 4c hair and then after that it switches to like 2B or so hair and it's just a mess and I have a lot of halo frizz and I really don't know what to do with it, any suggestions?? Please anyone?

2 Answers

Can you share a photo?
I'm commenting like this because I wasn't sure how to add photos another way but this is the halo frizz, my hair isn't pulled back tight but even if I do pull it back thats what the frizz looks like just less intense. Also the other pictures if to show the different texture in my roots and then the ends of thay hair. Not sure if it's because I had bangs a long time ago and that's just how the hair is growing in but if so that patern doesn't match the rest and thats why I was wondering about it.