What should I do? My looks even worse now that i take care of it.

I use to perm my hair and wear weave but I decided to go natural to have healthy hair. In hopes that my hair would get longer and i wouldn't have to wear weave. Now that I'm natural it seems like hair has broken off, its even shorter, and it hasn't grown. When i didn't take care of it, it was longer and it grew. All I did was cut my ends, grease, and wash it when I permed it. Now I'm thinking of just going back to perming it and wearing weave even thoigh I hate it. What should I do?

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Are you still straightening your hair? If not, you could just going through a phase of just shedding hair. It could be several things such as your diet, hard/soft water, products you use, hair regimen, etc. Diet - Drink a lot of water and start taking vitamins. Even good exercise can make your hair healthy. Hard/Soft Water - When I lived in NJ for school, the water in the dorms did a number on my relaxed hair. So it could be the water in your area that could be damaging your hair? Products - One thing about transitioning is you have to be really careful about the products that you use. Try looking for sulfate free shampoos. When I transitioned in 2010, I started using the Giovanni line and I still use it. Use a lot of oils. Olive oil was my go to product when I transitioned. Now I have started to use different oils such as jojoba and sweet almond oil. Garnier fructise has a good Moroccan Oil that I absolutely love! Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Conditioner is ah-mazing on my hair. Several others I used over the years: Argan Moroccan Oil line (at Sallys), Ion Repair Conditioner (at Sallys), Tresemme Moisturizing Conditioner, Silk Elements Natural line Deep Conditioner (ah-mazing) Hair Regimen - When transitioning you have to develop a routine and literally train your hair to revert back to its curlyness. Every year, I change up my routine just as my curls change. When I transitioned, I washed my hair with Giovanni Tea Tree shampoo once a week. I would (gently) detangle with a wide tooth comb and olive oil. Condition and then detangle once again out of the shower. I would section off my hair, add Giovanni direct leave in (and sometimes add Shea Moisture Curling enhancing smoothie). Then braid my hair or throw it in a bun. Twice a week, I would co-wash with Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner and then style with braid outs or a bun. You could also braid/twist your hair and leave it like that for a couple of days. It will feel weird but it will protect your hair. And deep conditioning will be your Holy Grail. I know this seems like a lot, but it will become second nature. And in the end it will produce amazing results. Summer 2010, my hair was broken and over processed and up to my ears. Now, my hair is below my collar bone, thick, curly/wavy/whirly, and it looks generally healthy. Don't give up! The Curly Girl/Natural Community is a huge community! We have all gone through what you're going through! This is an exciting journey and you're going to love it!