what to do if half oc ny head is curly and the other is wavy??? please help!!!

ladies i need your help!!!! i recentky started transitioning to my naturally curly hair. i used to straighten my hair daily! (bad i know) im not sure of my hair type just yet but its a mixture of ringlets, s curls, and waves. my curls have come a loooong way since. But due to the extensive heat damage, half of my head has beautiful curls while the other is more wavy like. I used my daily curl cream to style my curls, but I don't know what to do to bring the other side back to their natural curls. Please help!!! :)

1 Answer

Your hair is beautiful. I wouldn't worry too much about that difference. No one will notice. As your hair grows out, healthy hair will replace the damaged. And even if there's still a mix of hair types.... no worries! It's just part of your natural beauty!