Why is my hair shedding?

I know this sounds obvious but I haven't had a relaxer since Nov. 2013. It was fine working with it the first 2 months. I have a lot of new growth now and it's so dry! Whenever I co-wash or deep condition, I try to be gentle while detangling but clumps of hair come up! It's horrible and I'm scared my hair could be breaking off already..

2 Answers

Good morning Coeurdepierr,On average, hair sheds anywhere between 75-150 strands per day. If you are not washing daily, seeing the accumulation of hair after a week or two can be overwhelming so it may be normal. If the hair you are noticing is excessively more than before, I would first address the detangling method. When I transitioned for ten months, I made sure to saturate my hair with conditioner and detangle in small sections with a wide toothcomb. At ten months I started to notice masses of hair coming out so I big chopped. I did not have the patience to study each strand to see if there was a white bulb, which is an indicator of shedding instead of breakage. Everyone is different so I suggest addressing your detangling technique first. Next, you want to make sure you not using a comb on dry hair. Lastly, you want to make sure you are incorporating low manipulation, protective styles (buns, twists, etc.). If things do not change, it may indeed be breakage and I do not suggest compromising your new, healthy hair for length. Let us know what you decide!
Great post, Amanda!I don't have anything to add, but just wanted to say you gave a great answer. :)