Will my hair be a different texture?

My friend has been natural since '09 and her hair is less curlier than I remember from our childhood. Is it true that once you've stopped using relaxers, your hair is still slightly less curlier than it was initially? I'm 3 months into my transition and my new growth is different textures!

3 Answers

Not necessarily. When I started transitioning, my hair was more of a type 2 wave/curl. Now I have 3c/4a coils! It depends on a lot of things. Try manipulating your curl- twist your hair at night and wrap it up with a silk or satin scarf to protect it. This helped me, and I hope it helps you!
I was always told that hair changes every 7 years. I have gone through really curly stages and some years when it seems a little less curly. In fact, after I transitioned my hair seemed curlier. Just embrace your new texture and enjoy trying different types of products. 
My hair is type 4 and it was before and after I relaxed my hair. I had a relaxer on my hair during my middle and high school years, then a curly perm (like a jheri curl) for about 7 years. I stopped all chemical processing about 4-5 years ago and my hair is super tight curly, like pen springs, now. Hormones can change your hair texture. Also, it is natural for some to have different textures on their head at the same time. My sister has more of a tight 3 in front and type 4 over the rest of her head.