Why won't my hair revert? I cut heat damage more than a year ago. I don't know what's going on.

my hair grows at different rates and I've come to except that. I went through a time of not styling,  washing,  and moisturizing my hair as I should. When I finally washed it there were really long patches that would not revert. Long sections of straight hair from root to tip were in different areas of my hair,  mostly front near my edges. I have done conditioning and protein (egg wash)  treatments,  but still it remains straight. Everything I read says heat damage but I haven't had a relaxer since 2010 and I haven't heat styled in over a year and since I've cut the heat damage out. My hair was curling fine all summer,  and I have been doing braid outs and using wigs for protective styles. I do manipulate with combing and brushing two to three times a week, but I didn't think it would cause my hair not to revert. I haven't had a perm in five years but I staryed seriously transitioning two years ago. With a mini big chop and a few intermediate cuts every month. I thought i found my curl pattern but now my hair is not reverting and I'm so confused. Can anyone help? 

2 Answers

Did you go to a hairstylist to make sure all of the damage was removed? Can you post a photo?
I got my first cut in a salon and the second I took off three inches my self and I have cut a 1/4 inch a month for 5 months. In the pictures I braided my hair to try to blend the textures but there are still straight patches.