If we're both a 4a why do products respond so different in my daughters hair? Pics attached

I've worked so hard to buy products that will work for the both of us but I'm beginning to think she may not be a 4a like myself. I'm gonna try to post a pic (I'd didn't work the last time) and maybe someone can help me determine if she's a 4a or something else. Products just don't work the same in her hair. My products seem a bit too heavy in her hair. 

3 Answers

btw...I posted a pic of her hair before and was told she's a 4a. Her hair seems more wavy than curly compared to my hair which is very coily curly with curls that are springy and snap back when stretched and then released. Hers isn't coily at all. Each pic I posted is with some sort of style cream. 
a lot of things go into your hair responding to different products. You and your daughter may have different strand thickness, porosity etc. Everyone's hair is different so don't expect the same products to work for both you and her.
There are multiple variables that contribute to products not performing the same and different people: porosity, density, ingredients, curl pattern, etc. Her hair may require different needs. Curl pattern is not always useful when selecting products, but it is beneficial when exploring styling techniques. Knowing your hair porosity and trial and error are more beneficial. Which products are you using? I avoid all products with sulfates, silicones, and mineral oil to avoid excessive dryness.