What 2 use on my hair? Thin & dried blonde on top & sides cut close in natural color. HELP HELP!! TO

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Since your hair has been bleached:Protein: I would definitely use a protein treatment. Aphogee has a great two step treatment. Protein WILL make your hair feel kind of hard and brittle and that's okay, just so long as you follow up up with MOISTURE. You also will need to use regular conditioners that contain protein. Organic Root Stimulator conditioner by Olive Oil is a good one. I would use a gentle sulfate free shampoo if you don't like cowashing. I would only use sulfate shampoo if needed for product build up.Deep Condition: Make sure you deep condition. This is not optional if you don't want your hair to break off in it's current state. I would do it once a week. I DO do it once a week lol and my hair is no longer color treated. A lot of people love Shea Moisture's Jamacian Black Castor Oil Deep Conditioner (I am not a fan lol), you can try that. Briogeo Dont Despair Repair Hair Mask is another good choice. The last suggestions I have for this is Aubrey Organics GPB Balancing Conditioner which I loooove and also LOVE (this can alternate as a deep conditioner and a leave in) Cantu's Shea Butter Leave In conditioner repair cream. Hot Oil Treatment: Mix together your favorite carrier oils and/or essential oils, make sure your hair is coated and put a cap on for 45 min to an hour. You can do this once every two weeks or more or Less if you want. This is an extra step to nurse your hair back to help. Jamaican Black Castor Oil: This is one of the best things to use for your thinning problem. Well, thin hair. You can use this for your hot oil treatment, and to seal your hair. Its thick though, so I would mix it with jojoba oil or a thinner oil. You can also use this as a pre poo (before shampooing your hair). Sunny Isle JBCO is awesome.Last but not least, LCO or LOC: This essential. Make sure you're using a leave-in or liquid, it can even be water - a moisturizer, and sealing with an oil. Hope this helps, xo. :)