Was a 4a before a blow out and protein treatment, now I'm more like a 1 or 2b. Can this be fixed?

I am one of those girls that get a blowout maybe the times a year because I adore my curls.  So,  I got blowout done by a new stylist.  He also did a protein treatment. When I washed it out,  my hair didn't revert back.  My curls are stringy at best and some spots are straight from the root to the tip. I found other spots that are a little wavy at the ends and straight at the root. I have never had this problem after previous blowouts.  Actually I have re-curled my hair with these blowouts with no affects. I didn't add any heat or anything after he was finished or during the time I kept the blowout.  What happened this time and can it be fixed? 

1 Answer

woah.. maybe you need to wash it again.. maybe your blow out was that good, try washing, conditioning and adding product