Can someone with 4a/4b hair get this hairstyle? If so, how?

So. I have 4a/4b, shoulder length hair and I want this cut. Is it possible for me to get it? Or do I have to have, like, type 3 hair or something?

3 Answers

It is more than possible to get this haircut. All hair types can achieve this hairstyle and I think it would look best on someone with 4a or 4b hair!
u can even do this with shrinkage. just wet ur hair till it shrinks, press down ur hair by wrapping it in a scarf to lay it down. Then apply a gel or styling cream to define ur coils & pick out the front.
My friend has 4a/4b hair and got this cut a month ago. She looks GREAT! Her hair (she says) has never been so healthy and so manageable. She wears it in its natural state (curl-wise), and uses perm rods if she wants looser curls.