With 4b, medium textured hair, can I twist my hair nightly with out being at risk of breakage?

I want my curls to be defined, but also stretched just a little so my hair can be gorgeous when I wake up in the morning! But I kind of don't have a hair regime that works! Please help :(

2 Answers

Hi Likabolton20,every time we touch our hair, whether it be through washing, combing or styling, damage is caused to the hair. The key is damage reduce, which simply means less manipulation to those delicate strands. Because of the curls, coils and kinks in black hair, it is a difficult job as it is for our scalp's natural hair oils to travel all the way down from the root to the ends of the hair, thus causing breakage. You therefore wouldn't want to make it even harder a job for your hair to receive the moisture it needs by nightly twisting your hair even more.Have you heard of the Bun Method? This is a simple, yet healthier way to stretch your hair overnight. 100% Pure Aloe Gel, is also a great product to use for great curl definition. I hope this helps :)
intead of retwisting your hair you can do like 5-7 ponytails in your hair( one in the middle for volume) and loosely band the ends to prevent tangling. In the morning take out the ponytails and shake your beautiful 'fro!