why is 4c hair the hair type people hated and relaxed the most??

Why is 4c hair the most often relaxed and hated???

3 Answers

I think it's because people didn't value natural beauty as we (hopefully) started to do recently. Also, there are better products and more variety as well as knowledge about how to care for natural curly or wavy hair and  control frizz so you can be comfortable and look beautiful :) 
4c hair to people (even fellow naturals) is seen as the most "hardest" and "unmanageable". Growing up, we were taught that 4c hair was ugly and everyone just hated it. People now think the same things. Its sad that even fellow naturals with looser curl patterns see our hair that way. I know that people will come and say "No I don't think that". But honestly they do. African American women perm their hair no matter what texture it is. To answer your question, I honestly don't know why people hate 4c hair but what I can say is that embrace your 4c hair. Kinky, curly, coily hair is beautiful . I just wish everyone knew that.
I think when people hear the world "natural" the last hairtype they think about is 4c. Mainly because it harder to manage and take a lot care and patience for it to grow and manage. Often people who have 4c look at people with 3c hair and expect their results for hairstyles... But instead they get a different result. 4c hair is beauitful and whoever a has it should embrace it! :)