How can you achieve length with 4b 4c hair?

2 Answers

:D First off, this will take more than 1 month to achieve length that you can really notice. About 6 month to a year depending how long you want your hair to be. and how your hair grows. I have 7 tips1. Drink water :)2. Protective styling. ( this will keep your ends from breaking and most of them are pretty cute )3. Hair masks and Deep conditioning . ( this is so important to treat damaged hair or to treat normal hair and make it stronger!) 4. Moisture! ( Keep your hair moisturized! Wrap your hair with a satin scarf,cap, or use a satin pillow to prevent your hair from losing its moisture.5. Watch youtube videos. ( On Youtube there are so many awesome naturals with great videos to share! )6. Exercise! ( This will get the blood flowing which will help hair growth)7. Be happy! ( giving love to your hair will really help growth!) Hope that you use these tips :)
my daughter is 4c and I have been doing all of the above and I feel like I am climbing a hill barefooted in the winter while her hair has become nice and soft it seems as if growth is impossible she is 6 n her hair feels wonderful but looks horrible n has remained short