am I the only type 4 girl with naturally soft hair? ?

2 Answers

I don't know about other people but my 4c hair is very very dry
Chances are- probably not. Any CG who has a healthy regimen is bound to have soft hair. If your hair is thin (yes despite the thickness of our hair type, it can still be thin) it has a better chance of being 'naturally soft' but also is prone to damage. Be wary and learn your hair, it can still be dry or damaged despite feeling soft. I have relatively soft curls that will noticeable start to dry out if I don't moisturize for a few days, but the hair at my roots are always soft (I think this is because I only shampoo my scalp once a month so that the natural hair oils are disturbed too much). Embrace the soft curl life- it's a blessing that needs to be properly taken care of