Is it asking for trouble to attempt to trim my own twa

The last time I got my hair cut (barber) was in Oct '13.  I've had good growth, but my hair badly needs a trim.  I have a huge phobia of hair dressers.  They either don't cut well or I have to deal with unprofessionalism.  Another factor is budget.  The ones who are professional AND do a good job are expensive! I want to learn to do it myself, but I'm wondering if that's a good or bad idea.  Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.  TIA!

2 Answers

No unless you don't use hair cutting scissors. Don't use regular scissors to cut your hair because regular scissors will damage your ends.
Use hair shears (not craft scissors!!!) -- they're pretty affordable, maybe $7. Then just make sure your hair is thoroughly detangled and twist it in your usual sections and just trim the same amount from the end of each twist. I've never had my hair professionally trimmed and that has worked just fine for me. Just eyeball it -- snip here, snip there, and since your hair is in twists, you have less chance to make things uneven.