Bad or good?

so because I have 4C hair and it's harder to moisturize my scalp and I try everything for moisture from LOC to deep conditioning and protein treatments I mean everything and my scalp is still very dry so I actually scratch my scalp hard with a comb to get the dandruff off but it leaves my scalp tender but the dandruff is gone. Help is it bad that I do that? And more tips for dry scalp

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Well, did you find any just moisturizing products? Like even some old school stuff lol. I mean when my hair was bad like that I would co-wash then put herbal oil in it and made sure i rubbed it into my scalp first. Then I'd keep a plastic cap over my head for 30-45 minutes. But i didn't rinse the oil out till my next shower. Then I'd either just wet or co-wash my hair after that and then put in a moisturizer to hold moisture because the oil had helped some what...Hopefully this helps you----------------------------------Steps again:1. Co-wash 2. Put in a good natural oil into your hair make sure it's rubbed into the scalp3. Keep a plastic cap over your head for 30-45 minutes4. Rinse or Co-wash hair the next time you shower5. Put a soft moisturizer into your hairAnd your hair should feel a little better. If it does do this every other night. 
Do you use shampoo with any sulfates in it? Once I stopped using shampoo with any sulfates, my dry scalp and flakes pretty much disappeared. Here's what to avoid: your head is tender after doing all that scratching, I would definitely suggest that you stop. I agree with @Lenoralovespink about massaging the scalp with a herbal oil blend. If you need to exfoliate your scalp, you could add sugar to the oil, but you would have to wash that out right after.Here are some more tips: a note, before you read the article below, what you have is most likely dry scalp and not dandruff. Dandruff is a totally different story: you do have dandruff: your tender scalp: when you cleanse your hair, whether you co-wash or use sulfate free shampoo, make sure you massage your scalp all over really well with the cleanser. Use the pads (tips) of your fingers (not your nails/don't scratch) to lift any product buildup or dry scalp. Also be sure to rinse your scalp thoroughly, opening up the hair so water can get to your scalp and massage as you rinse. This will help if your flaking is from any product buildup. Try not to actually apply any creams, conditioners, lotions to the scalp after washing. That can give you flakes. Oils are okay, but avoid the scalp when you apply your hair lotions and creams. I hope this helps!