Can someone please explain the LOC method? how do you use it?

2 Answers

The LOC method is very simple! L= liquid or leave-in conditioner, O= oil, and C= cream. Basically you wash your hair and detangle your hair you dry your hair enough to leave it damp but not drenching wet! So just like I explain what each letter stands for is the way you will apply the products to your hair, so the way that I do it is like this. I wash my hair and condition and detangle my hair the I squeeze as much water as I can, then I part my hair in sections ( since I have shoulder length but thick hair I do about four sections) then I start with a leave-in conditioner and i finger comb my hair this is the reason why it is very important that you detangle you hair before hand and that is my "L", the I go ahead and I apply  extra virgin olive oil , but you can use what ever oil you want I have hear about coconut oil and other kinds but I use what I have in my kitchen and that is my O.. And lastly you apply your cream product that will conceal your oil and leave in conditioner and that is the C. And afterwards you can apply any other products that you would like, I usually don't and i let my hair air dry. Or you can go under a hair dryer but I don't recommend it of you are trying to avoid heat! Good luck!!
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