Can trimming/cutting your ends change your texture?

So I recently went to my beautician (who is natural and LOVES natural hair) for a treatment, trim, and straighten. She did a fabulous job (as always). My hair was straight for about two weeks until I washed it last night. I did a  bentonite clay mask (clay, water, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil), cowashed, conditioned, cool rinsed. When I hopped out the shower, I did not recognize my hair. I knew she cut TONS of damage and split ends (sew-ins and braids are no longer my friends)-about .75" of damage (she even asked if I wanted her to get ALL of the damage). But, my curl pattern looked completely different! It from 4A/4B to 3C/4A. I've only been natural for 5 months now and I am still rocking my TWA. One of my coworkers has curly hair, about 3A, and when she got a massive cut, her hair became way more curly.... can this happen to tighter curls as well? Can a trim really make that big of a difference?

2 Answers

Different hair reacts different to cuts. When a significant amount is taken off, hair with usually either get curlier or straighter. Most people get increased curl when weight is removed, but others, like myself, get curlier as the hair grows. I'm not positive on the science behind it, but the way I look at it is with increased length, there is more room for the curl to develop. Keep styling as normal to see if your pattern truly changed.
Yes . I have trimmed my hair & my curl pattern has changed but nothing drastically. Just more tightly coiled . Hope that helps